The original article (here) was updated to feature Diana Vickers and published on the Latest 7 website.  Here’s the version they went with:

>> X-Factor’s Diana to perform at Revenge

Missing X-Factor already?  Well don’t panic just yet, because hippy chick Diana Vickers will be taking to the stage at diana2Revenge nightclub, Brighton, this Friday to help prolong the X-Factor frenzy.


The former bookies’ favourite and fourth place finisher will be the third act from this year’s show to appear at the town centre hotspot. 


Rachel Hylton and Ruth Lorenzo have both belted it out to packed crowds in the past couple of weeks and now it is Diana’s turn to bring her own quirky brand of ethereal pop to the venue. 


With X-Factor viewing figures topping ten million every Saturday, eight million votes cast in the final and plenty of controversy, Revenge Manager Andrew Roberts is delighted to be playing host to the finalists.


He said: “With all the shenanigans that have gone on and all the fireworks, it’s even more high profile than it has been in previous years.  Since it’s been on I’ve noticed that people aren’t coming out until after the results show.  About 20 minutes after it finishes, the bar suddenly fills up.


 “It is the third year of doing this at the club, but we’ve never had such a full programme.  Last year we had Same Difference and the year before, Eaton Road, and we’ve developed a relationship with the X-Factor.”


Revenge will also be presenting the second and third place finishers, JLS and Eoghan Quigg, early next year, although dates have not yet been confirmed.


Roberts is excited to have secured the runners up, boy band JLS.  “It’s funny,” he said, “the feedback at the club is that all the girls were really excited about Ruth and all the boys want JLS.”


But this week, it is all about Diana and, as voting figures released at the weekend show, she has her fair share of fans too, with her and Eoghan consistently topping the viewers’ vote throughout the series. 


Diana will follow cabaret drag performers The Lollipop Girls, and will sing at least four songs from the show, including the number one hit Hero.  We may even get the chance to see her version of the winner’s single, Hallelujah.   


After watching the final from the sidelines, Diana said: “I’ve left The X Factor, but not releasing Hallelujah is probably what I am most devastated about.  I really, really love that song.”


Fans will then get a chance to meet her and have their photo taken with her in return for a donation to local AIDS charities.  So if the past few months have got you wondering what Diana thinks of the other contestants, how she stays so chirpy, and what is really going on between her and Eoghan, well now is your chance to ask.


Doors open at 10.30pm with Diana taking to the stage at about 1am.


Roberts advises getting there early, though, as advance tickets are not available; entry is on a first come first served basis.  “If past experience is anything to go by, we should be seeing queues round the block,” he said. 





As promised, here are some pictures from the Brighton Theatre Group’s production of The Full Monty at the Theatre Royal, Brighton, followed by a short review:

miles-davies-486A great ensemble cast keep tongues firmly planted in cheeks

miles-davies-150Jamie Collins sings and dances his way through almost every scene

miles-davies-745The grand finale

As you can see, great fun for all the family.  Well, perhaps not, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and the rest of the audience certainly seemed to as well.  Rowdy, bawdy and brash, but retaining the strong emotional core that made the 1997 film such a success, the production kept a sense of fun throughout, while managing for the most part to rein in the excitable office parties and hen-nighters that made up the majority of the audience. 

The company’s talent shone through amid the cries of  “Get it off!” with stand-out performances from lead Jamie Collins – who appeared in all but one scene – and Tony Bright, who played his best friend.  Micklos Richardson-Hodge’s debut performance was a resounding success.  His dancing scenes, which saw his character fluctuating between aching, worn-out steel worker and sprightly mover were at the same time touching, amusing and convincing.

I left the theatre with a smile on my face feeling euphoric, satisfied and ever-so-slightly dirty.

See the original article here.


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